When your TWA gets boring…


So you did the big chop, spent a few months rocking your TWA in its truest form either curly or your fro and your thinking… Now what?! I myself am at the point where I am craving creativity… So instead of allowing this to sway me away from my desperation for big natural hair, I decided to FIGURE IT OUT….

Coils and coils and coils OH MY!

This weekend I ran into a beautiful doll at the CN meet up and decided that I needed to give her hair style a shot. I posted her on the previous post but let’s take a look again…


Cute huh?!! Yeah, I was saying the same thing.

I recreated this style. And of course I used the same three products that I have been using for awhile. So let’s get started.

Wet your hair
Spray some carols daughters leave in
Add a dime size of amount of kinky curly knot today

Grab small peices of hair with your fingers ( that have a little bit of the kinky curly custard on them )and start twirling. If your hair is long enough you can use a small tooth comb and twirl the hair around it. You will do your entire head in this manner… I did not twist mine extremly tight in order to keep some fullnes, but if you want to see the space in between the twist, twirl and twirl and twirl!!!!

And… About an hour later (on my length) voila!!

You get this…


Try it, tell me how it goes. Submit pictures if you like.



Curly Nikki Charlotte Meetup


What a great moment when you get to meet the one and only NIKKI from CurlyNikki.com. Yesterday I attended the Charlotte meetup, and I must say the amount of women who uplifted this event was crazy! There were so many beautiful souls. Most importantly Nikki, was so friendly and welcoming to her subscribers and guest. I am glad to have been apart of the event.

Design Essential and UR curly where the products featured. Their booths were put together well and the staff seemed to be very knowledgable of their products.

I have never been in a room with so many natural women. I must say the vibe wasn’t as expected when women gather. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. It was a very humbling event.

So here are the pictures from the event. There are not many, I was busy mingling. Lol

Meeting Nikki -photo below-
She was amazing. She is just as beautiful in person as she is in pictures and so friendly. Nikki’s blog has helped me a lot throughout my journey and it was a pleasure meeting her.


Me before going to the Meet up



Marva and I
My dear friend! She is awesome and the most open minded women I have come across in my area. Thanks for joining me Marva.


Tashana and I
This women is amazing y’all. Her spirit is awesome. She will be featured very soon.. 🙂




Now here are a few girls that I had I stop and ask to snap pictures of. I hope you enjoy the following girls 🙂









Curly curls


I haven’t done a product review on the blog for awhile so I know it’s overdue. We all know I love wearing my fro. But lately I have been trying something new. Rocking my curls. I tried this several times but because my hair was still figuring itself out I was never pleased with the results thus resulting in me wearing my TWA. Lately I have had inquiries on what I am using in my hair to make it so curly. *disclaimer* I am still 100% natural. I had a female tell me last week that it is impossible for my hair to curl like this. So I figured I’d she’d light on that misconception.

So here’s how I achieve my curly curls.

First off- I have given up washing and cowashing. I notice that I was mainly doing it so my fro would curl, but I realized that simply wetting it does a better job because it doesn’t strip my hair at all, and hair loves moisture which in its purest form is good ol H2o. I am now washing and conditioning once a week. I must say that my hair is thriving from this new method. Another thing, my hair is finally retaining moisture… I did a porosity control (hair’s ability to retain moisture) test on my hair last week and failed miserably. I learned about a shampoo and conditioner that helps with this issue. It’s called Roux porosity corrector and control. The line is geared towards chemically treated hair because as we know chemicals damage the hair but the product itself is not a chemical (no the ingredients are not all natural)It’s main ingredients are proteins and aminos. I love it!

If your interested in your hair porosity, put a clean piece of hair into a glass of water let it sit for about twenty minutes. If it floats your good, if it sinks you have a little work to do with the closing of your cuticles.


Okay so where was I? That’s right… I rinse my hair. Next I spray my hair with the CD Black Vanilla Leave in and use the palms of my hands to work it throughout my strands using a circular motion. Next apply a dime size amount of the kinky curly leave in and work in using the same palm method, then apply a dime size of the kinky curly custard and repeat the palm motion. Wait five minutes and then spray your favorite oil mixture or do as I do, and spray the CD leave in spray. Do not touch your hair in this step…

And there go. This takes me about five minutes. My hair dries in ten.. No frizz, NO hard curls (Due to the first and last step) and no worries!

Hope your guys get good results. Remember all products do not produce the same results for everyone.



Meet Bianca



Meet Bianca Bell! I saw this girl from afar the beginning of the week and had to get her involved with the blog to be this months natural woman. I had a friend of mine ask her if she would be interested in attending a meet up and I received her contact information. Bianca’s personality is just as vibrant as her persona.She is a big chopper guys with an anniversary date of October 2011. She like myself decided to keep her brush cut for several months before growing her hair. I must admit they are so much fun! I think you will enjoy reading her story, so here’s this months natural beauty.

What made you decide to go natural?

I didn’t necessarily cut my hair to become natural, it’s just a style that I wanted to try. I started growing it back out about 6 weeks ago.

What is your hair regimen?

In the morning, I wet my hair with La La Meringue Curly Q’s Curl Moisturizer (a line thats actually made for children.) Then, I apply Shea Moisture Coconut & Hisbiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and let air dry. Both items can be purchased at Target. At night, I just cover with a satin scarf. I wash and deep condition about every 3-4 days so there won’t be any product buildup. I’m still trying out different shampoos and conditioners…

What have you experienced to be one of the most rewarding aspects of being natural?

It feels so free! I’m definitely not missing having dry, itchy scalp. I haven’t had ANY dandruff or flakes since! It’s also nice not having to worry about my hair breaking off if I don’t get a touchup!

Most naturals say that their hair has changed their style in fashion a little. Most state it makes them feel a little more chic or edgy. Can you relate to this? If so, tell us a little about it.

Oh, yes. Women who cut their hair low and even all over tend to look “masculine”whether they want to or not. Even though it looked “chic” or ” “edgy”I still felt a little incomplete. Certain earrings didn’t look the same. Girly blouses and dresses that I once loved just didn’t look right anymore. I eventually found my happy medium though.

Was your decision always supported? Have you experienced any negative feedback from this choice? If so, how do you deal with it?

I didn’t recieve any negative feedback, because those who know me know that I’m always experimenting with my hair. People were shocked it was all gone, but no negativity.

What would you tell a girl who is in process of making the decision towards going natural?

Do it, it’s just hair. Easier said than done, I know.

Bianca does nails you guys! She is also very talented. If you are either in fayetteville or the surrounding areas, make sure to check her out!


Has Natural Hair Changed Your Persona?



I personally feel like natural hair has changed many ways about myself. It started with my health. Going natural and focusing on the health of my hair caused me to have the same concern about my body. I started being cautious of the lotions and soaps I used, and then started looking into my daily diet. I am now a pescaterian which means I do not consume meat aside from fish and seafood. Style wise I feel I have been a bit more edgy and vintage. I say this because I love wearing my TWA which is a teeny-weeny Afro and so a lot of my clothes now complement my hair, without me noticing. I also find that this journey has opened my eyes to a different viewpoint towards beauty and simplicity and how well they tie together…. I used to have the misconception that in order to be beautiful you had to have additives and most days I feel my best with nothing but my bare face, and my fro….. 

Most importantly, I am happy. I have never been so secure, and confident in knowing exactly who I am, and what I stand for. 🙂

How has being natural changed you?

Be blessed dolls.


The Debate


This past Friday I went with a friend to do her BIG CHOP for those of you that are unaware of what a BIG CHOP is, it’s the point in a women’s life in which she cuts all the processed hair from her head. This is most cases is the most liberating thing that someone can experience. The point in which you become raw, and untainted. For her, not so much. The lady asked her, if she wanted to take the first cut, and she said “No” I was a bit surprised by her answer, because to me I would have been elated at the opportunity to be apart of the beginning of my journey. As the lady began to clip off the end of her relaxed hair I noticed her comments weren’t as “elated” as I had expected she would be. She repeatdly stated she wasn’t sure why she was doing this, and not in a –im excited but still nervous way- more of a SERIOUSLY this is stupid way. Me, having such a passion for the this topic, was disappointed because at that very moment, I experienced first hand the insecurity in a women being 100% themselves. On the ride home, as her face was straight and unemotionally, I expressed my concern. I questioned her in the aspect of how could she feel such insecurity in being unaltered. I expressed my discomfort in her attitude of feeling less than without her frail relaxed ends… I was a bit more passionate in my tone than you might expect. But ultimately I was confused. She texted me later and said thanks for telling her what I did. Four hours later, she was at the braid shop. This is my concern. I am not one to say braids and weaves are unacceptable, but I personally feel that if you cannot be comfortable with yourself for at least 24 hours, without being tainted…then I feel like there is an internal issue. I had a converation with my best friend this morning and she claims this viewpoint of mine to be “THE HITLER” of anything not natural. I have not always been natural…and I have been previously relaxed for most of my life, and It took years for me to find myself and accept myself. My opinion has been labeled as biased in that my best friend feels that it is okay for women to not be comfortable with themselves that there is nothing wrong with them not wanting to be the way they were made. That in itself sounds CRAZY to me. How is there not an issue in a women not being able to walk out of the house, or go to the store, without having her hair permed, or weaved up, or with a face full of makeup. Now wait, there is no problem with wanting to change it up now and then, so HITLER I am not. But if now and then escalates to AT NO POINT then call it biased or not.. something is not right. I am not here to be one to say any women who chooses an alternative lifestyle then a natural one is doomed to death, but what I am saying is that us women at some point must find a means of being receptive to ourselves in our true form. It is necessary that we find ourselves and be comfortable with who we are and how we are made, that “covering up” ourselves does not change who we are. Natural or not, if at no point can you be okay with being exposed RAW then how can anyone see that as “okay”?

What are your thoughts? Is it perfectly normal and acceptable for a women to NEVER accept herself or to never be comfrotable the way that she was made?

Length Check


These three months are flying by. The 28th of this month will be my three month nappiversary, and I must say I am elated. This journey thus far has taught me so much about myself and has made me aware of my past insecurities with being natural and accepted. I can truly say that I am not only thankful that I have embarked on this journey but I am also humbled by it.

So if your wondering… Here is my routine.

Note: I use this routine on wet or dry hair.

Cowash with Shea moisture thickening conditioner two to three times a week.

Spray aloe Vera juice mixed with apricot,grape seed, avocado, and glycerin on my hair twice a day. Morning and afternoon

As you know I love the LOC method on retaining moisture so I use that liquid mix as the L in my liquid.

I use one of the oils in a dime seize amount that I mentioned above (apricot avocado or grape seed) as the O in the LOC to seal in my liquid.

I then follow with either Shea moisture restorative mask or Nubian heritage treatment as my cream as the C for cream in the LOC method.

Pretty simple huh?

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact me.


The Natural Hair Meetup


So yesterday I had the opportunity to attend my very first Natural Hair Meet up. I am so happy that I was able to attend. The Meet up was hosted by the owner and partner of the Fayetteville, Nc Natural Hair studio Hair I am. The owner Kandy, whom is also a stylist, was very welcoming and most humble. I was honored to be in her presence. The highlight of the event in my opinion was Dr. Patrice J. Carter who not only has a book that I am looking into purchasing but is a life coach, and also a motivational speaker. Not to mention (the best smoothie maker ever!) She inspired our group as a whole as well as educated us on some of the nutritional factors that may be affecting our hair growth. Ms Jackie who owns a natural product booth in the Raeford Road Flea market was also present.


The highlight of this event was the ability for NATURAL BLACK women to come together cohesively, in efforts to uplift each other, and empower each other to embrace the natural being of ourselves. The Hair I am studio is located on 3650 Cumberland Road in Fayetteville Nc. 910-485-HAIR. Be sure to check them out if you are in the area.

Dr Carter’s book is called SUPERb Woman and I am almost positive the book is as inspiring as she is.

This event was great, and I am looking forward to future events.